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Six years ago, multi-instrumentalist Geoff Barone was on the program discussing his conceptual work Conversation Pieces. He's back this year with a somewhat heavier and, in his words, more "to the point" collection of songs titled Acquiescence. With echoes of the likes of Devin Townsend and even some musical theater, this eclectic album covers topics from his ambivalent relationship with the city he came to and later left -- New York -- and how he hopes his children will turn out all right, among many others. Hear some insights into his inspirations and influences in his chat with host Mark Ashby. Lady Obscure editor Lacy Mucklow and her concert-going pal Dave Perrussel (also a LO contributor) have a first-person report of their journey from their homebase in Washington, DC, all the way to Anubis Gate's home country of Denmark for one of the gigs on their "Shortest Tour Ever." And our Triple Track Special uses the theme of Babylon in three songs from prog artists present and past. Find the artists featured here at and

Featured songs/excerpts:

"Something Beautiful" (Geoff Barone)

"Faded" (Geoff Barone)

"Precious Pieces" (Geoff Barone)

"Headhunter" (Geoff Barone)

"6:33 to Babylon" (Geoff Barone)

"In These Waiting Arms" (Geoff Barone)

"Babylon" (Glass Hammer)

"Blackest" (Anubis Gate)

"Erasure" (Anubis Gate)

"Babylon" (Aphrodite's Child)

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Originally posted 11 May 2018

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