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The Plagued Raven's music isn't easily boxed into a word or two, but the one-time solo guitar project of Raven Kyle has branched out with its third album Celeste to add the vocals of Katie Thompson (of Chiasma, from Episode 081) to its moody soundscapes. The resulting short tracks are perhaps best described by the artistic term chiaroscuro (the contrast of light and shade), and they're probably not what you think of when you hear that only guitar and voice are involved. Kyle and Katie both describe to host Mark Ashby the circumstances that brought them together, how their creative flow is achieved since they live six hours apart, and what they tell people their music is intended to evoke. Yes-expert Roman Guzman stops in next to trade questions with Mark about various common and obscure topics relating to the band (such as which band member once provided real-time DVD commentary to Roman). Finally, a Potentially Unpopular Position that encourages you to think emotion over technique when considering who is the "best" on an instrument. Go to to get digital copies of Celeste and other Plagued Raven releases.

Featured songs/excerpts:

The Plagued Raven: "Wrath," "Synergy," "Vengeance," "Koi," "Deities"

Yes: "Endless Dream," "Five Per Cent for Nothing," "Awaken"

Rush: "The Rhythm Method"

King Crimson: "Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part III"

Pink Floyd: "Sorrow"

Marillion: "Sugar Mice"

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Originally posted 23 August 2018

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