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London-based quintet The Mariana Hollow is an alternative-metal band whose members describe themselves as having a “dark, progressive sound” that “endeavour[s] to create rock music that offers something truly different from everything around it.” With their 2009 debut, Coma Heart, as well as their just-released sophomore effort Velvet Black Sky, they’re gaining fans across the world despite having no backing from a label. But really, with the quality of the music and production on TMH’s albums, you’d never know they’re unsigned – at least for now. Progtopia thinks it’s only a matter of time before the world learns of the excellence of this musically-powerful and lyrically-intelligent group (l. to r. Richie Walden [rhythm guitar], Adam Stanley [drums], Rebecca “Spinky” Spinks [vocals], Danny Russell [lead guitar], Scott Chesworth [bass]). In this episode, you’ll hear about why from the start the band’s founders wanted a female vocalist, their approach to gigs both plugged and unplugged, a potential Chinese fanbase (?!), and how the bandmates describe each other in what turns out to be an amusing sort of mutual admiration society! Visit their website – – for information, merchandise, and tour dates (starting on February 29th) if you’re lucky enough to live in the UK. Someday, you’ll say “I knew of them when…”

To listen to a 2013 interview with the band on Progtopia, click here:

Featured songs/excerpts:
“Enemy Lines”
“Come Undone”
“Your Halo”
“Weight of the World”

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(Originally published 23 Feb 2012)

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