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It's back to Europe for this episode of Progtopia, specifically to Naples, Italy, to feature the prog metal band Soul Secret. Having been around since 2004, the band has gone through a few lineup changes before settling on the current group of Luca Di Gennaro (keyboards and programming), Claudio Casaburi (bass), Fabio Manda (vocals), Antonio Mocerino (drums), and Antonio Vittozzi (guitars). In November of 2011, they released the album Closer to Daylight, featuring guest musicians like guitarist Marco Sfogli of the James LaBrie band and singer Arno Menses of Subsignal (a band that Soul Secret will be touring with next month). Host Mark Ashby speaks with Luca Di Gennaro about the many changes in singers the band has had in its short life, its members' influences from diverse styles such as fusion, his choice of gear and the fun he has creating his own sounds, and how their manager Davide Guidone has helped them work with some heavyweights in the prog rock realm. Their website is, where you can find links to bios, tour info, and merchandise.

Featured songs/excerpts:
"First Creature"
"River's Edge"
"Pillars of Sand"

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(Originally posted 21 Apr 2012)

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