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For the previous podcast, we featured Soul Secret, who just played a few dates in Germany. For this podcast, we feature the headliner from that tour – Subsignal (Ralf Schwager [bass], Arno Menses [vocals], Roel van Helden [drums, recently replaced by Danilo Batdorf], Markus Steffen [guitar], and David Bertok [keyboards]). The band formed from the breakup of prog rock stalwarts Sieges Even has released two albums to date – their debut Beautiful & Monstrous in 2009 and Touchstones in September 2011 – both of which showcase their high level of musicianship and keen sense of melody, not always a given in the prog rock realm. Progtopia host Mark Ashby caught up with singer Arno Menses following a successful tour to talk about breaking in a (sort of new) drummer right before the recent concerts, the differences between the days of Sieges Even and now, how he made the transition from being a drummer in other bands to the frontman of this one, and upcoming solo and band projects, including the exclusive revelation of the first song title from the next Subsignal album! Be sure to visit the band’s website at for more information, photos, and merchandise.

Featured songs/excerpts:
“The Essence Called Mind”
“Eyes Wide Open” (Sieges Even)
“Walking with Ghosts”
“Beautiful & Monstrous”
“The Size of Light on Earth”

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(Originally posted 10 May 2012)

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