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It's not often that a band can take over a decade off and come back stronger than ever, but with the April 2012 release of their third album Anhedonia, Australian metal band Teramaze has done just that. With driving instrumentation, intricate rhythm work, and adrenaline-pumping vocals, the group (Dean Wells [guitar/backing vocals], Mathew Dawson [guitar], Dean Kennedy [drums], Tijon Lolis [bass], and Brett Rerekura [vocals]) has brought their brand of progressive metal to the rest of the world via Nightmare Records. In this episode of Progtopia, host Mark Ashby speaks with Wells and Lolis about the new album and accompanying video for the title track, what the reason was for such a long hiatus, live gigs in support of bands like Arch Enemy, and the legacy left by their late drummer Julian Percy. Visit the band's website or the label's website at for more information and merchandise.

Featured songs/excerpts:
"Proverb Le Jame"
"Through the Madness"
"Fear of the Unknown"
"Black Circles"

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(Originally posted 22 May 2012)

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