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Some bands come together as family affairs – the Allman Brothers, Van Halen, Oasis – and so is the group featured in this installment of Progtopia, Unwritten Pages. The Epe family (guitar- and keyboard-playing and singing brothers Frederic and Michel, along with their father Lothar) have teamed with various other musicians on their two albums, Noah Pt. 1 (2010) on ProgRock Records and the just-released Fringe Kitchen on their own Turricane label. Their debut was a five-years-in-the-making concept album, but the new CD is a straightforward prog metal showcase, with Ark’s John Macaluso on drums, Sander Stappers on bass, and British guitarist James Cook filling out the lineup. In an interview with Fred and Jim, host Mark Ashby asks about the creative forces that drive them, why the band chose to debut with a double album, the challenges and rewards of running one’s own label, and Jim’s solo instrumental project Miroist. Unwritten Pages' website is, and you can find Miroist’s three-song EP The Pledge at

Featured songs/excerpts:
“Asylum Tragedy”
“Blowing Red Ashes Pt. 2”
“Unexpected Twists & Turns”
“Terminal Defect”
“i. Non decipies me, fortuna” (Miroist)
“Auxiliary Influx”
“Intoxicating Sweets”
“iii. He had been old in the beginning; but he was saved” (Miroist)

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(Originally posted 2 June 2012)

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