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With the release of their new album Nine, Norwegian metal powerhouse Circus Maximus returns with their first collection of songs in five years, and with the massive critical acclaim it’s been getting, Progtopia is fortunate to be able to profile them in this episode. Band members Mats Haugen (guitar), Glen Møllen (bass), Michael Eriksen (vocals), Truls Haugen (drums), and Lasse Finbråten (keyboards) have produced a collection of songs that range from short, introductory mood setters; to radio-friendly tunes; to ten-minute epics, all of which are so good it was truly difficult to decide which ones to include here. Host Mark Ashby caught up with singer Eriksen in the midst of a host of his other media requests to talk about the history of the group, the approach to writing the new album, his brief stint filling in with Kamelot on tour, and what the band enjoys doing in their free time. They’re on the web at, as well as Facebook and MySpace.

Featured songs/excerpts:
“Forging/Architect of Fortune”
“Game of Life”
“Reach Within”
“Burn After Reading”
“The One”

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(Originall posted 14 July 2012)

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