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They’re a mega-sized band with a mega-sized debut. Germany’s Beyond the Bridge spent about seven years putting together their first album, The Old Man and the Spirit, released this past January on Frontiers Records, and if the reviews are anything to judge by, it was well worth the wait. Exploring the dual nature of humanity, the balance between knowledge and experience, the album is symphonic progressive metal which deserves the label “rock opera.” The band (Christopher Tarnow [keyboards], Fabian Maier [drums], Dominik Stotzem [bass], Peter Degenfeld-Schonburg [guitars], Dilenya Mar [vocals], Herbie Langhans [vocals], Simon Oberender [guitars and keyboards]) is part of this year’s ProgPower USA in Atlanta, at which they’ll perform on September 15. In this episode, host Mark Ashby speaks with Degenfeld-Schonburg about how reading Goethe and reflecting on events in his life helped him create the album’s concept, the reasons it took so long to make it, the different backgrounds of the band members, and why keeping a sense of humor is important to Beyond the Bridge. Visit them on Facebook and on the web at

Featured songs/excerpts:
“Triumph of Irreality”
“The Struggle”
“The Apparition”
“Where the Earth and Sky Meet”
“World of Wonders”

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Originally posted 10 Aug 2012

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