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If you know anything about Da Vinci or classical mathematics, you may know of a concept called the Golden Mean or, alternatively, the Divine Ratio. Without getting too technical, in practice this proportion – represented by the Greek letter phi – is why some pieces of art or music appear or sound pleasing to us. And in the case of the Virginia Beach-based band of the same name profiled in this episode, their music is going to make its divine sound known very soon to prog fans everywhere. Melding elements of Tool, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd and others to make their own style, the members of Divine Ratio (Charles Gray [guitars], Tripp Johnson [bass], James Roman [drums], and Bryan Knispel [vocals/guitars]) are set to release their ten-track debut Split by Unity through all the usual digital download outlets on September 1, with plans for a physical CD to follow. Host Mark Ashby talked with Knispel about what the divine ratio actually is, why science and religion have such difficulty mixing, the pivotal role their producer – Tom Gwaltney – played in this release, and what people he’d like to invite to a dinner party. You can find the band on the web at

Featured tracks/excerpts:
“Change of Fate”
“One Less God”

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Originally posted 29 Aug 2012

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