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From Montpellier, France, comes the melodic/power/prog metal quartet Venturia, whose latest album, Dawn of a New Era, will be released this September 21st on Lion Music. Band members Charly Sahona (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Lydie Lazulli (vocals), Frederic Marchal (drums), and Thomas James Potrel (bass) have put together their trademark set of strong tracks that generally clock in at around four to five minutes, making their music not only enjoyable but accessible to a broader audience for whom the longer songs of prog might be too much. Progtopia host Mark Ashby spoke with Sahona about the reasons behind having both male and female singers, the Swiss television special the band put together after their debut album, his involvement in the Guitar Idol competition, and how he got so proficient at his instrument. Visit Venturia on the web at and

Featured songs/excerpts:
“Secret Dream”
“Love Gamers”
“Fallen World”
“Running Blind”
“Relieved” (Charly Sahona solo)
“What If I”
“A Land of Dreams”

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Originally posted 17 Sept 2012

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