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If all Markus Reuter did was record and perform as a musician, he would be plenty busy. After all, he’s been a part of more recordings since 1997 than even Wikipedia can keep track of, whether solo, with the Europa String Choir, centrozoon, Tuner, or in one of his many other collaborations. But Reuter has also designed his own touch-style guitar – the U8 – and he teaches touch guitar through an approach he calls The Family. As a former student of Robert Fripp’s and as a member of the most recent incarnation of the Crimson ProjecKt, Reuter’s latest effort is Deep, the second album he’s been a part of with King Crimson alumni Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto in the band Stick Men. Reuter’s artistry goes well beyond the touch guitar, however, and in this interview with Progtopia host Mark Ashby, you’ll learn about his varied approaches to composition, why he’d like to build a tradition with his very new instrument, his thoughts on the business model of pre-order campaigns for albums, and what he thinks about questions of whether he should (or could) fill Fripp’s shoes in Crimson. Visit for more information and to purchase music, and go to and for more on Reuter-designed instruments.

Featured songs/excerpts:
“Big Dog” (Stick Men)
“Further Clues to Reality” (Markus Reuter solo)
“This Life” (Ian Boddy/Markus Reuter)
“Field 3” (centrozoon)
“Flinch” (Tuner)
“This One Will Please You” (centrozoon)
“Hide the Trees” (Stick Men)
“Waterfall” (Europa String Choir)
“Time’s Insane Ashes” (Stick Men)

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Originally posted 12 October 2012

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