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Countless progressive artists have released conceptual works; relatively few of them sound like they truly belong on Broadway. In the case of Arjen Lucassen's Ayreon, however, many fans would pay a month's salary for the chance to see one of the prolific composer and multi-instrumentalist's albums coming to life on stage. Ayreon's most recent effort is entitled The Theory of Everything, and in the spirit of past albums, a stellar cast of well-known musicians and singers brings the story of a father's quest for scientific glory and the savant son who can help him achieve it, but at a potentially catastrophic cost to his family. Lucassen spoke with host Mark Ashby about the research involved in coming up with his stories, the process of writing and rewriting his many works thus far, the prog rock gods and goddesses who are involved in the new album, and whether or not fans might someday see this or another Ayreon album under the bright lights. His website is

Featured tracks/excerpts:
"Quantum Chaos"
"Merlin's Will"
"Beneath the Waves"
"Love and Envy/Progressive Waves"
"The Theory of Everything Part 3"

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Originally posted 23 November 2013

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