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In Episode 017 back in September 2012, we heard from Eric Blackwood of the American/English duo Edison's Children. For this first episode of 2014, not only is Blackwood returning to discuss the band's recent release of The Final Breath Before November, his partner Pete Trewavas (also of Marillion and Transatlantic) joins the conversation. With the help of an extremely supportive fan base, the band was able to follow Marillion's model of pre-orders funding the production of the music, which is just one of the topics discussed with host Mark Ashby in this show. You'll also hear about their more mellow approach to songwriting and playing, and what led to Trewavas's almost missing TWO flights home when the band was in its formative days (hint: the police were involved). The band is online at

Featured songs/excerpts:
"Final Breath"
"Silhouette - vii. What Did You Want?"
"Light Years"
"Silhouette - viii. The Seventh Sign"
"Silhouette - xii. Music for the End Credits of an Existence"

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Originally posted 13 January 2014

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