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Many classic bands, prog and otherwise, got their start in the late '60s; very few have made a continuously successful run from then until now. Among those fortunate and talented few are the UK quartet Wishbone Ash, whose latest studio album Blue Horizon has recently been released. The foursome (Joe Crabtree [drums], Muddy Manninen [guitar], Bob Skeat [bass], and founding member Andy Powell [guitar]) are mounting a tour of parts of the US beginning on the 15th of April in support of the album. In advance of that, host Mark Ashby spoke with drummer Crabtree about his arrival in the band several years ago as someone who had been alive less time than the band had been active, the diverse styles exhibited through their catalog and even within one album, and the recently-decided lawsuit against former member Martin Turner, among many other topics. Find the band online at and Crabtree at

Featured songs/excerpts:
"All There Is to Say"
"American Century"
"Take It Back"
"Being One"

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Originally posted 10 April 2014

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