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While by no means a common instrument in progressive circles, the violin has still been part of many influential bands over the years as more than just occasional coloration. A good case in point is the UK band Curved Air, whose 1970s lineup included violinist Darryl Way as a key contributor. While Way has since moved on from the group to projects like his classical band Verisma, he's also released a couple of solo projects in recent years that showcase his talents in different settings: 2013's Ultra Violins being more of a traditional classical work, and this spring's Children of the Cosmos a return to his progressive roots. Way spoke with host Mark Ashby about his earlier years as member of Curved Air, his collaborative projects with the likes of Sting and Tim Rice, how he views composition in the various genres he works in, and more. He can be located online at

Featured songs/excerpts:
"Lagan Love"
"Children of the Cosmos"
"It Happened Today" (Curved Air)
"Polovtsian Dances"
"Summer of Love"

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Originally posted 22 June 2014

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