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Our first episode with the new format features host Mark Ashby's interview with keyboardist, guitarist, and singer/songwriter Adam Wakeman. Last heard from in Episode 030, Wakeman is releasing a new album with Headspace bandmate Damian Wilson (interviewed in Episode 107 last year), their second. Hear about the Kickstarter for the album and its unique perks, how he went about booking their tour, and exclusive first listens to excerpts from tracks from their sophomore effort. Next, Lady Obscure editor Lacy Mucklow checks in with her report on the Galactic Cowboys reunion and album release show in Houston on December 1st. Then, the roundtable Prog Squad returns to the airwaves with Mark, Jason Spencer, and David Elliott discussing Big Big Train, the Security Project, and veteran bands they do and don't necessarily need to see live again. Finally, a call to all bands and artists out there for our 30-Second Sales Pitch segment. We want to hear from you so that the world will hear from you, too! Adam Wakeman's websites:,

Featured song excerpts:

"Blackpool Clip Joint Racket" (Wilson/Wakeman)

"Kill You with Kindness" (Headspace)

"Always the Lonely One" (Wilson/Wakeman)

"In the Clouds" (Galactic Cowboys)

"Hate Me" (Galactic Cowboys)

"Merry Christmas" (Big Big Train)

"I Have the Touch" (The Security Project)

"On This Battlefield" (Wilson/Wakeman)

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Originally posted 11 January 2018

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