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Sweden isn't just a land of top-quality prog metal; you'll also find some great electronic-based prog there, too. Xanima's newest album Planet Hope was released in late 2017, and you'll hear from singer Jade Ell and keyboardist Pelle Händén about their many influences and how they conceptualize their works, as well as why they incorporate spoken word and dance elements into their live shows. Also, Prog Squad panelist David Elliott joins us for a one-on-one to talk about the ins-and-outs of running his label Bad Elephant Music, including the types of demanding journalists that bother him the most. Finally, a Potentially Unpopular Position segment from Mark about why maybe some folks need to tone down their fetish with Pink Floyd's Syd Barrett. Websites to visit include and

Featured songs/excerpts:

"Planet Hope" (Xanima)

"Eternal Truth" (Xanima)

"Ode to Creation" (Xanima)

"Spooky Action" (The Fierce and the Dead)

"Earthbound" (Mothertongue)

"Flaming" (Pink Floyd)

"Bike" (Pink Floyd)

"False Moon" (Astral Dance)

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Originally posted 15 March 2018

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