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It's been many years since the original electronic-music duo Wavestar of John Dyson and Dave Ward-Hunt got together -- about 35, to be somewhat precise. And although Dyson has produced several solo albums since then, it's been many years since the last release with the Wavestar name came out. Now with Paul Ward and Stefan Whitlan bringing their keyboard and compositional skills to the fold, the band is retagged Wavestar II, and the long-awaited album Nightwinds is now available. All three of the guys chat with host Mark Ashby about the olden days of Wavestar, the importance of the Korg Sigma to the trademark Dyson sound, and how this album went from being a Dyson solo project to a group effort. In the Prog Squad, Cliff, Jason, and David join Mark in discussions about the upcoming Frank Zappa hologram tour, awesome album openers, and bands they were behind the times in appreciating. You can order Nightwinds from or

Featured songs/excerpts:

"I.F.O." (John Dyson)

"Voyager" (Wavestar)

"The Velocity of Dark" (Wavestar II)

"Track of Time" (Wavestar II)

"If I Were the Wind (And You Were the Rain)" (Pendragon)

"King of the Tyrant Lizards" (Mothertongue)

"Script for a Jester's Tear" (Marillion)

"Red" (King Crimson)

"Eldritch" (Wavestar II)

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Originally posted 20 April 2018

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