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Last on the show in 2012 on Episode 007, Germany's Subsignal is back in the land of Progtopia, fresh off the release of their newest album La Muerta on May 25. Singer Arno Menses joins host Mark Ashby for a chat about the changes in the band's lineup in the past few albums now to include drummer Dirk Brand and keyboardist Markus Maichel, why long titles and the Spanish language seem to take some prominence for guitarist and lyricist Markus Steffen, and where they can be found on tour later in 2018. Next we'll hear from Rita Drew, one of the organizers of the latest US-based festival, ProgStock, coming to you this October 5-7 in Rahway, New Jersey. Now in its second year, this festival proves with its headliners and support acts that it's going to be a major player on the east coast for years to come. Finally, Mark takes the Potentially Unpopular Position that Record Store Day might not be all it's cracked -- or scratched -- up to be. Visit Subsignal online at, and the ProgStock festival at

Featured songs/excerpts:

"Tempest" (Subsignal)

"Even Though the Stars Don't Shine" (Subsignal)

"Some Kind of Drowning" (Subsignal ft. Marjana Semkina)

"The Bells of Lyonesse" (Subsignal)

"Red Dust Shadow" (IQ)

"Another Record" (Genesis)

"La Muerta" (Subsignal)

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Originally posted 10 June 2018

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