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We obviously can't get enough of Sydney's Hemina, who have been supporters of this program since its very early days (check the archives at if you want proof). So with the release of their fourth album Night Echoes, it's only right that we check in with band members Doug Skene and Jess Martin and see what it's all about. They talk about the chances they take with diverse influences from funk to pop to 80s retro stylings mixed in with their trademark brand of progressive metal, how a song like "What's the Catch?" and its associated video were formed and fashioned, and which country seems to be surpassing all others for streams of their music. You can order all their music at

Featured songs/excerpts:

"One Short"

"We Will"


"What's the Catch?"

"In Technicolour"

"The Only Way"

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Originally posted 14 August 2019

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