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The Vermont-based prog darlings Elephants of Scotland (Episode 055) might be on something of a hiatus, but luckily for us all, keyboardist/singer and founding member Adam Rabin hasn't gone into hiding. In fact, his solo album The Badger Flies at Dawn is set for release on the 26th of October, and ahead of that, he's been kind enough to grant Progtopia an exclusive premiere of the contemplative track "Trains That Never Come." Hear in his interview with host Mark Ashby about the metaphor embodied in the lyrics for this song as well as the wild idea behind the title track, why he feels like going it alone is AOK for now, and where the Elephants stand at the moment. After that, you'll hear reaction audio of Mark's first listen to the rare Vangelis soundtrack from 1970, Sex Power. How does it stand up to the Greek giant's other works? You can pre-order The Badger Flies at Dawn and learn more about Adam Rabin at his website

Featured songs/excerpts:

Adam Rabin-"One of a Kind," "Mistakes," "The Badger Flies at Dawn," "Trains That Never Come," "Sending Me Feathers"

Vangelis-"Sex Power Introduction; Movements 1-10"

To hear the 2014 episode with Elephants of Scotland, follow this link:

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Originally posted 12 October 2018

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