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The Socceroos may not have gotten far in the recent World Cup, but in our humble opinion on Progtopia, Australia is destroying the competition in 2014 when it comes to progressive music. Teramaze, Anubis, and Voyager have already been featured in interview or Friday Finds episodes this year, and now, Hemina has returned with an even stronger effort than their debut Synthetic. The ten songs on Nebulae (due out 19 August) are connected to the concept of lucid dreaming, and stylistically the band is now incorporating elements of funk and 80s pop with their brand of progressive metal that's full of lush vocal harmonies and multiple dimensions. Host Mark Ashby spoke with guitarists/vocalists Doug Skene and Mitch Coull, and bassist/vocalist Jessica Martin (also pictured, keyboardist/vocalist Phil Eltakchi) about what's been happening since we last heard from the band in Episode 005, the connections among all Hemina's albums (including one that's not even finished yet), and the story behind the making of the video for their song "Freedom." You'll also hear the world premiere of the track "Strength"! Find the band online at

Featured songs/excerpts:

To listen to Hemina's first Progtopia appearance from April 2012, click here:

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