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If you take the musicianship of Anubis Gate, the soaring themes of Vanden Plas, the accessibility of Rush, and the vocal stylings of Peter Steele, you might find yourself listening to the Australian quintet Voyager. With the impending release of their latest album V, the power-prog-pop metal band (Scott Kay [guitar], Alex Canion [bass/backing vocals], Daniel Estrin [keyboards/lead vocals], Ashley Doodkorte [drums], and Simone Dow [guitar]) is once again taking the world by storm with their instantly-memorable melodies and lyrics. They'll tour the major Australian cities in July, play ProgPower Europe in October, and hopefully more of the world in the months to follow. Host Mark Ashby spoke with Canion about the new release and the accompanying video for "Hyperventilating," his transition from fan of the band to a member, and why it's not a problem for him when critics claim they're "too pop" for a metal band. They're online at

Featured songs/excerpts:
"I am the ReVolution"
"Breaking Down"
"Iron Dream (In Memoriam - Peter Steele)"
"The Morning Light"
"The Meaning of I"

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Originally posted 26 May 2014