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Europe is the home of a lot of powerful progressive metal music, and the small Scandinavian country of Denmark is home to one of the best of those bands – Anubis Gate. Combining prog rock sensibilities with science fiction concepts and driving guitars, drums, and vocals, paying attention to the details that make a good recording great and a great recording outstanding, members (l. to r.) Morten Sørensen (drums), Kim Olesen (guitar/keyboards), Jesper M. Jensen (guitar), and Henrik Fevre (bass/vocals) have released five full-length albums since 2004, the most recent being their self-titled release from September 2011. In this episode of Progtopia, host Mark Ashby speaks with Kim Olesen about the band’s past, present, and future, their influences, how they approach composition, changes in vocalists, cover songs, and much more. You can find them on the web at, where you can purchase music and merchandise, as well as watch a video from their latest album.

Featured songs (in order of appearance):
“Hold Back Tomorrow”
“Future Without Past”
“The Final Overture”
“Lost in Myself”
“Golden Days”

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(Originally posted 6 Feb 2012)

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