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The feeling you get when you hear a truly remarkable voice is a special one, and that's the way many prog fans feel when they find out that Damian Wilson is part of a project. And those projects over the years have been many, whether in his early years with Landmarq through fronting Threshold and Headspace, or on his own solo albums like 2016's Built for Fighting. His versatility in flowing between genres is remarkable, and in this interview with host Mark Ashby, Wilson discusses why he would actually like to be involved in more projects, the pros and cons of performing as Jean Valjean in a touring company of Les Miz, and how fans will be able to hear a piece of him in every song he's written over the years. You can find him online and learn more at

Featured songs/excerpts:

"Can't Heal War"


"Seek for Adventure" (Wilson & Wakeman)

"Your Life Will Change" (Headspace)


"Road to Supremacy" (Headspace)

"Sex & Vanilla"

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Originally posted 02 March 2017

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