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With this show, let's get back to bass-ics. (Okay, sorry for the bad pun.) In Episode 052, Progtopia featured two bassists and their project as a duo, one of whom (Marco Machera) is from Italy. Perhaps it's something in the water in that country, because there's another phenomenal bassist from there named Alberto Rigoni, whose fourth studio album, "Overloaded," is out on 1 October. An all-instrumental work that explores various aspects of our high-tech, information-heavy society, Overloaded benefits not only from Rigoni's eclectic mix of playing styles, but also from guests like guitarist Simone Mularoni of DGM and others. Host Mark Ashby talked with Rigoni about why he chose the bass as his instrument (and what he actually tried to play first), how he balances the need to use social media to promote his music and his life outside of computers and mobile devices, and what other projects he's working on, even a bit about the top secret ones. He's on the web at

Featured songs/excerpts:
"Floating Capsule"

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Originally posted 28 September 2014

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