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Now that the dust has settled from the lawsuit surrounding veteran rockers Queensryche and the parties involved can go their separate ways, former singer Geoff Tate is back for his second appearance on Progtopia. Host Mark Ashby talked with him about his feelings in the aftermath of it all, plans for new material with a hoped-for release date of early 2015, the music-history-meets-comedy Rock and Vaudeville show that he's a key part of, and if he ever considered his and Queensryche's music "progressive" (including some of the influences he grew up with). Fans have one last chance to catch Tate's version of the band in concert during August with the month-long "Farewell to Queensryche" tour. Find out if it's coming near you by visiting You can also catch up with Tate online at

Featured songs/excerpts:
"Freiheit Ouverture"
"Suite Sister Mary"
"Eyes of a Stranger"
"The Hands"
"The Weight of the World"

To listen to Geoff Tate's first Progtopia appearance from June 2013, go to

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Originally posted 25 July 2014

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