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As Arjen Lucassen has proven, you can indeed make a career out of concept albums. With three works under their belts, Australia's Anubis is well on its way to doing the same. The seven-piece monster (Dean Bennison [guitar], Martyn Cook [wind instruments], David Eaton [keyboards], Robert James Moulding [vocals], Steve Eaton [drums], Douglas Skene [guitar], Anthony Stewart [bass]) released their most recent album, Hitchhiking to Byzantium, in May 2014, and while not plot-driven like their previous efforts 230503 and A Tower of Silence, it is still a series of connected songs, as host Mark Ashby learned in his interview with Moulding, David Eaton, and Skene. They also talked about the night of drinking that led to the initial idea for honoring a lost friend that became 230503, why they choose to write thematically, and upcoming live shows like their supporting slot with Anathema. You can find them online at

Featured songs/excerpts:
"A Room with a View"
"Leaving Here Tonight"
"Hitchhiking to Byzantium"
"A King with No Crown"
"Dead Trees"

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Originally posted 6 July 2014

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