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It's been a few years since Swedish power-metal quintet Seventh Wonder released their most recent album The Great Escape, but Johan Liefvendahl (guitar), Andreas "Kyrt" Söderin (keyboards), Tommy Karevik (vocals), Stefan Norgren (drums), and Andreas Blomqvist (bass) are about to take ProgPower USA by storm. At the fourteenth installment of the Atlanta festival, as part of their set, Seventh Wonder will perform their classic 2008 album Mercy Falls in its entirety, with plans for a DVD release to follow. Long recognized as among the most-respected bands in the genre, they've also put out a new video for a song called "Inner Enemy," and a full album is in the works. Host Mark Ashby talked with Blomqvist about the band's origins and move toward progressive elements, the emotional impact behind Mercy Falls, the way the band handled Karevik's induction into Kamelot while remaining Seventh's Wonder's singer, and more. Find them online at, and ProgPower USA at

Featured songs/excerpts:
"The Angelmaker"
"One Last Goodbye"
"Welcome to Mercy Falls"
"The Black Parade"
"The Great Escape - VI: A New Balance/VII: Death of the Goddesses"
"Alley Cat"

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Originally posted 20 August 2014

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