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Muskegon, Michigan duo The Omega Experiment (Dan Wieten [guitar, bass, vocals] and Ryan Aldridge [keyboards]) isn’t the first band to write about their struggles with drugs, but with their self-titled debut album, they certainly take their listeners on a unique journey through the depths of addiction and loss to emerge on the other side with hope for the future. Yes, anger is an ever-present emotion, but so is bliss, much like the real-life roller coaster of substance abuse and sobriety. Having received high praise from the likes of Devin Townsend, The Omega Experiment are poised to be another of those unsigned bands that you can’t believe doesn’t yet have the backing of a record label. Progtopia host Mark Ashby spoke with Wieten about his past with drugs, translating that experience into a concept album, the friends he enlisted to help along the way, and how cool it is to create a professional-sounding recording in your bedroom. Look for their music on the web at,, on Facebook, and on MySpace.

Featured tracks/excerpts:

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(originally posted 27 July 2012)

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